Going Direct: A Word On The New Plane & Pilot

Why the “Pilot” part of the title means everything to us As the big re-launching of this title approaches, I’d like to ensure our loyal readers that the essential nature of Plane & Pilot will not be changing. We have always been a brand that focuses on the flying experience, as seen from the left more »

Going Direct: 5 Reasons That ATC Privatization Is Bad . . . And Unethical

The proposed giveaway by Congress to the airlines is unprecedented and bad news on all counts. Here are five reasons to demand action. Proof that getting Congress to write aviation regulations is a twin-edged sword is the latest FAA reauthorization bill, the Aviation Innovation, Reform and Reauthorization (AIRR) Act (H.R. 4411), making its slithering way more »

Going Direct: Privatize ATC? And Other Colossally Bad Ideas.

The FAA reauthorization bill rises to absurd heights of legislative overreach When the house committee responsible for coming up with the legislation that would once again reauthorize the FAA (as though we don’t know in advance that we’re going to be needing it again in a few years?), it came back with a massive, 275-page more »

Going Direct: Coming in May: Plane & Pilot Announces Big News

Details on major changes coming soon In two months, with the May cover date, we’ll be launching the new Plane & Pilot. In that premier issue, just about everything about the magazine will have changed, while, somewhat paradoxically, all the important things will remain the same. The new magazine will feature award-winning authors, illustrators, and more »

Going Direct: The Soul Of LSA Shines At Sebring

What a whacky, wonderful collection of light planes teaches us about regulations and economics After a down year in 2015, this year’s edition of the Sport Aviation Expo is looking strong. Held in the aviation friendly Central Florida town of Sebring, famous for its winding Grand Prix race track (which was very noticeably in use more »

Going Direct: Star Wars Was Apparently Made By And For Pilots

At the risk of spoiling the fun for you, I’m about to talk about the latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, as well as another less well known film about flying. In case you’ve been off scavenging star cruiser parts on Jakku for the past few weeks, let me warn you now that I’m more »

Going Direct: A Historic Aviation Deadline is Passing . . .

The Small Airplane Revitalization Act Is Almost ready…what happened to it? Today is one of the most important days in the history of American general aviation. In theory, it is anyway. So in theory…hooray? Today, December 15, 2015, marks the deadline that the government gave itself for issuing a final rule for the law known more »

Going Direct: Stop Reporting On Records For Youngest Flights!

There might be little hope for the mainstream press, but aviation titles should know better. I shuddered when I scanned down the page of the popular aviation publication’s newsletter, and my eye fell upon an item that shouldn’t have been there. It was the story of a woman, a private pilot, who was training to more »