Going Direct: Urban Air Taxis: Let’s Talk Fake News

Uber Elevate Multicopter

Sign up for our newsletter for the latest aviation news, product reviews, and more! There’s been a spate of stories lately about the rise of companies investing in the development of new forms of air transportation aimed at giving people a quick and easy way to get from A to B in an urban environment. more »

Going Direct: Time Flies

Time Flies: airplane at sunset

As a pilot, I’ve always been a pretty pragmatic type, and I’ve always tried to find the most efficient way to get something done without sacrificing safety and without spending too much. “Pragmatic” and “cheap” aren’t synonyms, but let’s face it: they’re closely related. Aside from money, the most important thing to a pilot is more »

Going Direct: 20-Year Forecast: Here’s What The FAA Missed

Old planes

The factors that got left out overshadow the conclusions…by a lot. The FAA released its forecast for aviation over the next 20 years, and it’s about as good a product as we can realistically hope to see. That is, it’s based on the safest assumptions and fails to take into account advances in technology that more »

Going Direct: Goodbye, DUATS, And Thanks For The Memories


The old dial-up service is on its way out. But, oh, how it changed our lives for the better. The FAA’s coming elimination of the original computerized weather briefing and flight-planning tool is a sad thing, though in this case, it was the right time and the right thing to do. The FAA established the more »