Going Direct: ForeFlight Gets Bought By Boeing, What It Means To Subscribers

As you’ve doubtless heard by now, Boeing has bought app developer ForeFlight. Boeing also owns Jeppesen, a company that has the best aviation navigation data in the world, and has for many, many decades. Jeppesen’s aeronautical charts, “Jepps” for short, are the gold standard because they’re accurate, boast a world-class user experience, and they span more »

Going Direct: Is Hand Propping Stupid Or Not Stupid?

The past week has been a piling on of social media opinion on the much-shared hand propping accident in which an SR22 sped off without its pilot. The question is, are we asking the wrong questions and coming up with answers that matter?

Going Direct: Why Runaway Planes Happen

If you haven’t seen the video yet, buckle up and click here. If you have seen it, here’s why it happened, and, no, you haven’t read this anywhere before.