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The high cost of flying is a concern for every pilot, but for those of us who know where to look, there are bargains galore to be found. Some of these are in unexpectedly affordable Part 23 planes, and some are in other kinds of planes, from light sport to homebuilt models you might not have given much thought to before.

In our 8 Great Used Planes, we look at a collection of classics that you can buy and fly today. Instead of shooting for a middle ground, we make a broad survey of all available buying choices from $20,000 to a cool million bucks and weigh in with our choice for best for each price point along the way.

Want to go even cheaper? Bill Cox and the Plane & Pilot staff pick 10 of the cheapest birds in the sky, and some of these sets of wings will take you back, with an assortment of classics and a few oddballs, all of which offer a great flying experience for an entry price that most pilots can afford.

Finally, we share our views on how best to look at your buying decision. What is the best plane for you? It might sound like an easy call, but it’s not. We look at all of the factors, from your most typical mission profile to the size of your family, to help you narrow down your search to that perfect plane.

Again, welcome to our special Fly For Less guide. Enjoy!

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