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Getting With The (Tower) Program

With all the concern around the FAA’s officially announcing the closing of 149 ATC control towers, Pilot Workshops of Nashua, NH is getting with the program to help ease pilot anxiety about the transition.


The company just put out three free videos that are aimed to help us all refresh our memories about  Non-Towered Airport operations.

PilotWorkshops founder Mark Robidoux had this to say: “With the recent announcement of 149 tower closures, there will suddenly be thousands of pilots flying into and out of airports that had ATC services one day, and none the next. While all of us are trained in these procedures, it’s easy to become rusty if you aren’t using a skill.  We wanted to make this refresher available to all pilots for free in the hopes that it makes flying a bit safer for all of us.” LLC was founded in 2005 and is best-known for its  free “Pilot’s Tip of the Week” emails received by over 100,000 pilots each week.  They’re crafted by several nationally known flight instructors and experts, and cover single pilot IFR operations, weather, airmanship, ATC , emergencies and more using a unique, multi-media format.

PilotWorkshops also creates and sells a range of pilot proficiency programs including IFR Mastery scenario-based training.

Many thanks to the group for jumping right in to help us brush off the cobwebs.  Check out the whole list of offerings for their other refreshers.



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