Going Direct: Hitting Back Against Outrageous Fuel Prices

AOPA aims to fight the good fight. We’re behind them all the way, but here’s why we’re not holding our breath.

We have our occasional disagreements, but as is usually the case, AOPA’s Mark Baker is hitting the nail on the head with his organization’s efforts to slow down questionable fuel pricing practices at airports that get a heavy volume of bizjet traffic. AOPA is not calling the pricing “predatory,” but in some cases it certainly pushes that limit. As part of this initiative last month, AOPA reached out to the Airport Board in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, asking the members to allow a new FBO on the field, Wyoming Jet Center, which has filed an application to do business there. The current sole provider of fuel is the single FBO on the field, Jackson Hole Aviation, which is currently charging $6.74 per gallon of Jet-A and $5.99 for 100LL.

It’s a great idea, but unfortunately a monopoly on business, or something resembling that,  isn’t required to achieve excessively high fuel pricing. AOPA asked members to reach out to them with other examples of airports where fuel pricing is way too high, so here’s my vote. My hometown airport, Austin Bergstrom (KAUS, which is NOT where I keep my plane).

A little back story. In 1999 when the City of Austin closed the downtown Austin Mueller Airport and relocated everything to the former Bergstrom Air Force Base just south of town, the idea that helped pave the way for the move, over the fierce resistance of the GA community, was that the new city airport would be GA friendly. As with so many election promises, that pledge turned out to be vaporware. The new Austin Bergstrom featured a limited number of expensive T-hangars, two FBOS, Signature Flight Support and what is today Atlantic Aviation. There is a small flying club on the field, a pilot shop and a flight school, but the kind of vibrant and welcoming GA community that Mueller supported is nowhere to be found. Today, some 18 years after the fact, the light GA picture at KAUS remains a sad sight.

At KAUS there are two FBOs selling fuel, Signature Flight Support and Atlantic Aviation. You can get 100LL at Signature Flight Support, where at this writing the cost of avgas is $6.70. But if you’re looking for a bargain, you can always opt for the cheap, cheap fuel at Atlantic, which comes in at only $6.62 per gallon. And if that’s too steep for you, you could always forego gas, but that turns out to be no bargain either. The ramp fee at Atlantic, if you stay for more than a quick turn, in a piston single, mind you, is a whopping $55, which includes the $15 security fee. (That really increases the price of the brisket at the Salt Lick.) At Signature the “handling” fee is just $30 with a $5 ramp fee. A real bargain. Both FBOs waive part of the fee if you buy a certain amount of their (really expensive) avgas. Takeaway: They really don’t want you there.

And if you’re surprised that the very high prices at Signature and Atlantic are within pennies of each other, well, we were too. Except that their prices have been within pennies of each others’ for the 12 years I’ve been in town. I keep waiting for a 100LL price war to break out between the two aviation fuel resellers, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Funny thing.

The takeaway for me is not just that the FBOs at KAUS don’t want light GA there, but that neither does the city of Austin. Luckily in Austin there are a few good GA alternatives, Austin Executive, just north and east of town, and San Marcos, which is about an equal distance to the south of Bergstrom. Operators of both airports are aggressively GA friendly, and the business there shows it. There’s reasonably prices gas at both places, along with flying clubs, aircraft rental, flight instruction, aircraft services and more.

It’s where I go, except when I have to go to KAUS. Which is typically only when someone with much deeper pockets than I have wants to meet me there and buy the really expensive fuel on someone else’s dime.

It would be great if there were an alternative to the high-priced fuel at KAUS, but short of the City mandating fuel prices, which ain’t gonna happen, I think we’re stuck with the current situation. Which works out just fine for the current FBOs at the airport who understandably would prefer to fit one Gulfstream onto their ramp instead of three or four Skylanes or Bonanzas. At a municipal airport, though, it seems as though the public space should make room for more than just the wealthiest customers. Just saying.

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59 thoughts on “Going Direct: Hitting Back Against Outrageous Fuel Prices

  1. Funny thing is, whenever Signature and Atlantic are on the same field fuel prices are sky high and within pennies of each other… one wonders how on earth such a coincidence might occur, it’s just like magic…
    Recently there was a bit of a shake-up at KSNA after certain allegations appear to have been made, and let’s just say that Signature is now no longer present (I get the impression Atlantic’s removal would have had the same effect). Quite stunning how fuel suddenly didn’t need to cost dollars more than at the next airport along. Prices dropped to the point where it’s almost heading towards ‘reasonable’ instantly – still too much, and a lot more than local airports but at least no longer a straight rip-off (it went down from $6 or $7 or so to around $5). Of course the ARGUMENT was that these were advertised prices only, and nobody actually PAID what the advertised price was – something I think a lot of us known to be untrue.

  2. I fly a Cessna TT and when I need to fill up, many times I use my Foreflight app and check the fuel prices along my route. It’s amazing to see the difference in prices in a small radius. I fly out of Roanoke, VA, KROA ($6.06/gl) and just 15m south in Martinsville, VA (KMTV), the price is $3.89/gl. If I’m adding 80 gallons, that’s a savings of $174! Time is money, but I see it as an extra landing in the log book. When I’ve questioned my home FBO about fuel prices, they tell me that it’s about the cost to transport it to them…well, then why is Martha’s Vineyard only $5.30! Last time I checked, Roanoke didn’t require a boat for fuel delivery. The lack of “fuel wars” or competition is how I see soft drinks. At my local grocery store, about 99% of the time, Coke and Pepsi are the same price and go on sale at the same time so it comes down to buyers preference not price. It’s like they call each other the week before and find out what sale they are running so the prices stay equal.

  3. I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m guessing that the vast majority of 100LL buyers pay retail price, except on the weekend at some locations. I do know that the vast majority of turbine operators get a break on their Jet-A, so those crazy-high prices might be a way to un-discount the discounts.

  4. The issue is some of these airports make $1.50 per gallon on 100 LL, a very healthy margin, am sure some make even more. The statement thay it is the cost of transportation is total bull shit. Transportation is the least expensive part of the dealers cost of fuel.

    William M Jones Jr ExxonMobil Industry Sales Executive Retired

  5. Try Hanscom (BED) if you really want to see “legalized extorsion” Landing, parking, fuel flow, avg 6.70 100 LL.

  6. Ha, KRST (Rochester, MN) can even beat KBED. One company on the field (Signature Flight Support, of course) and it is $6.99 a gallon today (9 August, 2017).

    People come to Rochester primarily because they need medical care, it is shameful that SFS takes advantage of their plight to pad their pockets.

  7. What you describe at KAUS is what I can see happening with the outsourcing of ATC . We will be at the end of the hook on pricing. And the affect will be that only the wealthiest customers will be able to fly.

  8. The owners at Central Jersey Regional Airport (47N) want GA to fly. When I travel to other airports, even local stops, I’m amazed at price differences. Pilots from other airports stop to fill up their planes at our airport as they recognize the savings, especially when they’re filling up both tanks and planning long cross country trips. There’s an airport about 20 minutes away that boasts they have the lowest fuel in Jersey, but we are always anywhere from .15 – .30 less. Other than greed, there’s no reason for that big a difference…

  9. KSCK Stockton CA has one fuel outlet via Atlantic Aviation, current price $5.89 as compared to the average for the area $4.50, lowest is $3.99, two locations within 17 NM. The FBO removed the self service island some years back, and has maintained an artificially high price ever since. The FBO caters to executive jets, and shows much less interest in gas powered GA. It is rare that I top off at my home airport and contrary to standard practice in the past.

  10. Great Example. I unfortunately keep my plane at KAUS. A quick flight to San Marcos, Georgetown or Taylor I can save about $3.00/gallon!!! You mentioned Austin Executive, they have the same issue as the others. They used to allow self serve but no longer and their price used to be $2-$3 cheaper than KAUS, but not anymore, maybe $1.00 cheaper to $1.50 cheaper today.


  12. How about county-owned and operated Falcon Field, Peachtree City, GA (KFFC) where the cost of 100LL is $4.32/gal, while the two closest airports are $3.61/gal (KCCO, 10 nm W) and $3.70/gal (KHMP, 12 nm E).
    Just a bit North is ATL (18 nm N) where the sole provider, Signature Flight Support, charges $8.53/gal for 100LL.

  13. Don’t forget 36U, Heber, Utah. The only FBO on the field – OK3 – has stated, directly and in writing, that he couldn’t care less about GA. The city caters to the FBO, won’t allow a second FBO, or even a stand-alone self-service fuel facility. Highest prices in Utah by far at almost $7 per gal for avgas. Higher than Jackson Hole, Sun Valley and Aspen. Go figure …

  14. What seems to be missing from the debate is the solution of providing free, unattended ramp space at all airports. If pilots at least had the option to park somewhere and exit through a gate, the FBOs would have to respond in some way if they wanted those customers (which they don’t).

  15. You could try Sundance Airport (KHSD) in Oklahoma City where fuel prices are ALWAYS LOW. Today’s prices are:
    100LL – $3.45
    Jet A. – $2.85

  16. I wonder what the cost of a self contained self fueling tank and system is? Perhaps a few of us could bind together to create “GA Cheap Gas” and place a self service gas pump at places like Heber and Austin. We might even make a profit while selling gas a $2 less than Signature. Thoughts?

  17. A similar situation exists at one of the major reliever airports for Dallas, Addison airport where 100LL is $6.73 or $7.14. If you base at ADS you quickly learn to fly to Sherman (SWI) where it is $3.27 right now or to Mesquite where it is $3.65 self serve or $4.15 full serve.

  18. Just a tad off the fuel price subject, but correlates to the bigger picture with regards to price gouging and the current FBO in Jackson Hole. On Monday morning, September 10, 2001, I flew a Cessna T210 to JAC. We all know what happened the next day. I was forced to leave the airplane and drive five hours back to Greybull, WY, my home at the time. When the U.S. Airspace System reopened, (and I can’t remember exactly how long that was), I drove back to JAC, and flew the airplane home. The aviation company I worked for was billed well over a $200.00 (don’t remember the exact amount either) parking fee during that time. Needless to say, I was completely dumbfounded at the flat-out greed, for lack of better words, that the FBO exhibited. With local, state and federal security in place at virtually every airport comparable to JAC’s size, I find it very hard to believe such a fee could be justified. I quit buying fuel from them after that episode and avoided flying into the airport as much as I could.

  19. Here’s a hot tip if you’re not already aware of it. On long distance trips, I use the “Aviation Fuel’ tab on Airnav.com. You enter your desired fuel stop airport and fuel type. The search presents a page of alternatives within a varying radius which includes airport, FBOs and comparative current fuel prices. All airports show a distance and bearing from the original center point that you entered. You can use this information to determine if the price difference is worth going out of the way from your original intended destination. I saved a fortune using this indispensable tool!

  20. Continuing my hair brained thought. Perhaps this is a wonderful business opportunity for EAA chapters. Take Heber City for example, a quick search shows that Heber has taken FAA Grant monies and therefore in compliance with their Grant Assurances has to permit competition in aeronautical services. If there is a local EAA chapter (or even a few local GA folks) who could tend the fueling skid when needed, it could be a potential source of income while driving down the cost of gas.

  21. Ditto conditions at Raleigh Durham Internbational (RDU). Signature and Tac Air are FBO’s with 100LL prices hovering at $7.00/gallon. Good news for us is both FBO’s will partially waive the $50 ramp fee if you purchase some of their high priced fuel.

    Equally competitive are our t-hangar rental rates — Tac Air is $535/month plus a $35/month utility fee… and no, the hangars are not air conditioned… nor marble floors.

    Luckily we have several neighboring non-towered GA friendly airports in the Triangle area that do cater to the GA community. They are a good destination for a leisurely evening flight to refuel if you want to save $3 a gallon.

    Being based at RDU does have its benefits however. We have a 24 hour ATCT to converse with especially during crappy weather and an ample crosswind runway. And if you are ever in the neighborhood, you should stop by to and visit what is really a world class GA terminal. There used to be a nice restaurant in the GA terminal for pilots before ramp fee and fuel prices drove away the customers. My secret to affordability at RDU is to continue to use my wife’s credit card.

  22. Ramp access is necessary if not mandatory where my and your tax dollars funded the majority of these fields. Bill with XOM (retired) got it right on pricing and it is simple greed and the desire to handle a large fuel tank (granted there is a bit extra labor cost having to fuel smaller planes). I am in the O&G business. Every time crude goes up in price it seems there was another congressional investigation regarding price fixing. Never was and of course you never heard the conclusion to those politically motivated hearings–because it was market forces at work. But 2 FBO’s on a field with extortion level pricing are obviously in collusion–which is illegal (in this country). It would be interesting to see the avg wholesale price of both 87 octane and 100LL to evaluate how much more were being scammed. 100LL is lower refinery volume so it naturally would cost something more. But, the difference in markup shouldn’t be severely different. Maybe I am missing something?

  23. Great comments all! And TedK, that’s the idea that AOPA (and probably the EAA) are working on now. My understanding is that you can’t take the grant money and charge too much for fuel. Time to hold these folks to the letter of the law.

  24. A look across the US discovers that airports near major cities with major businesses almost always have high priced LL & Jet A. Then there are those who have a monopoly at smaller airports and sometimes charge the high prices ($5-$9/gal) however, with a little research, and as pointed out, usually close by are GA friendly airports that do the right thing. Those prices will be 2 to as much as 5 dollars less a gallon! The real problem is, they, the small GA airports are slowly going away. Welcome to the EU model of General Aviation where pilots generally have incomes greater than $500K/year and net worth of millions, to fly a 172? Its been 15 years since I flew a Seneca from Antwerp to Biggen Hill. In the 4+ hour round trip, I was the only Piston Driven aircraft in the Sky! My benefactor who let me fly his airplane had just sold his company for 50M Euro! I was going to Gatwick to meet with the CAA however, the landing fee was 600 Pounds! Biggen Hill was only 60. Never thought I would see this happen to the US. I sincerely hope AOPA, EAA and all of the others can have some impact. There is no doubt that they need all the support they can get.

  25. So much for RR’s Trickle Down theory and deregulation. I’ve been waiting for the trickle down to me for quite a few years now. Deregulation just means the CEO’s are running things now.

  26. I haven’t been to Santa Barbara, Ca. in a little while but used to go fairly regularly for lunch at a café walking distance from the airport. There is no outright public GA parking so it is, as has been mentioned in articles here, parking at either Signature or Atlantic. Ramp fee in the $30 to $35 dollar range or buy at least 7 gallons of gas. Both places have outrageously high 100LL gas prices.

  27. KONT (Ontario) where I work….$6.25 since Guardian took over

    KCNO…5 mile south. .. $3.99

    If you get Fed funds (for GA) for your airport.you should not be allowed to gouge to drive out the little guys.

  28. I called Signature Flight Support at BWI today ands told the current price is $8.31/gal.

    Clearly BBA Aviation ( their parent company) is a”rip-off” operation. Compare this to the price at MTN ($4.54/gal)just a short distance away.

    Charging 83 percent more for an equivalent product can only be termed “Gouging”

  29. KFCI – Richmond Executive seems to always be the highest in the Richmond Virginia area. Airport needs a second option. Aviation fuel is too high everywhere. An airport which stays at the high end of fuel costs is a double rip-off.

    Locals have been complaining for years but the FBO really doesn’t want the small aircraft business… After all, they are not really jets.

  30. Corporate greed has almost destroyed general aviation for the masses. Give it another five years and the destruction will be complete. AOPA’s light and feeble attempts to save it have
    been feeble at best. They have all had years to make things more equitable for everyone, but all have failed to do the right things to keep costs down. Except for the sport plane markets, all are mostly abroad, there has been no American company willing to tackle the need for automation when it comes to building new aircraft. They all cater to corporate America, and to hell with the rest of us. Thanks much, greedy bas%&%&^%m all. Half a million for a new plane? Screw all of you!!!

  31. I’m a GA pilot (renter) and do not like $6-8/gal gas. I understand that Signature and Atlantic etc. FBOs provide more than just gas! They have pilot lounges, line staff, good comp coffee/drinks and cookies! All this cost money. I understand that private jet customer is more profitable (corporate or someone with $$$$$) for them! I am all for capitalism. If they are reading this, may be a $0.50-1 or so more than self-service price, most would be happy to give them business for the service they receive! This would just increase their usage and borrowing the slogan “Make Aviation Great Again” (MAGA) so that all will benefit!

  32. I woukd add Tampa and Philadelphia to the list of over priced fuel suppliers with too little competition.

  33. What happened to the FAA no lead proposed fuel for GA? The prices for 100LL are all over the map. I too use Foreflight to help me find the cheapest fuel along a route of flight. BUT- sometimes Foreflight is wrong. I always call the Fuel source listed on Foreflight to get the real picture. The big boys in aviation are really screwing the fliers who stop there. I flew from KIGM to KSDL in Arizona last week and it was so hot in Phoenix that we decided to stay over night and leave early. It cost me a $20 tie down fee, another $10.00 security fee and 10. gallons of 100LL at 5.60 per gallon to get out of there.

  34. We NOW have a good program at Ellington Field (Airport) (Designated Spaceport) was not always this good. Today- we have self fueling at $ 3.69 gallon, our hangers rated for 120 mph winds, but I don’t worry so much about storms! We have three museum organizations on the field, with Lone Star Av. Museum to open Sept 1, two Hangers. CAF and Collings Foundation here. For over 25 years – City of Houston blocked all GA progress, intending to use space for Manufacturing from McDonnel Douglas/ Lockheed Martin/Grumman and others- All big proposals fell on their Ass! Talk about a Lock on an airfield- KEFD – Ellington Field-Houston is a joint-use military field given to Houston in March of 1984! I know, as I was the first GA aircraft to base there! (March 6th 1984) The FBO had no competition for almost 27 years! Even though Ellington had the largest contiguous ramp in the country in WWII -9800 ft long by 300 ft, most of the airfield facing the ramp had no hangers, except old Military. Anytime – anybody wanted wanted to build a FBO to compete with the sole FBO (Govt Contractor) – the City of Houston told them – “You cannot have space on the ramp- you have to build off the ramp and pour your own taxiway – by the way- it has to be big enough and thick enough to allow a 747 to turn around!”
    Finally- 10 + years ago – after protests of the approx 100 tenants, for a while ,More Hangers, and we got fast self fuel 3 years ago, and now Department of of Aviation is much more responsive – this after a change of administrations! Another FBO did open a few years ago for a while. We intend to be the “Mojave of the Gulf Coast!” Fly down and see us!

  35. Come to Australia where we pay $2.10 per LITRE…that’s around $8 per US gallon in City area and about 1.5 times that on outback areas

  36. There is no such thing as market norms or egregious fees. Just like the cost of Plane & Pilot Magazine reflects the highest and lowest price that Plane & Pilot Magazine can afford, FBO prices and charges are too. Would someone say that Plane & Pilot Magazine is denying the use of their services to anyone who can’t afford a subscription?

    The statement by AOPA that “Pilots are not looking for a free ride” is wrong too. Just tell a pilot there is no crew car and watch out.

  37. I look at fore flight. It’s a no brainer. FBO 5.50+, self serve 4.00 + or – . Just look around.

  38. Signature is the evil empire to GA aircraft. definitely a no fly zone wherever I fly.

    Cincinnati Lunken KLUK Had two FBOs until one closed. Both were then taken over by Signature and now the avgas price is higher that Cincinnati, Northern KY airport KCVG.
    $6.61 Outrageous when area average is around $3.90-$4.50

  39. KAVL Asheville NC has a signature FBO and runs the same kind of racket. I had a student who wanted to do a cross country there and check it out so I let him plan the flight and take us there. They literally met us on the ramp demanding a $45 landing fee of which they would waive $40 if we bought fuel. I explained we were a local flight school and we just stopped to explore the fbo and consider using them as a training location. They insisted we pay or buy the fuel. Since we had only burned less than 7 gallons to get there I had them top us off and they charged us nearly $7 a gallon. Needless to say we will never be going there again or encouraging any of our students to go anywhere near the place.

  40. I am based at KFAT-Fresno Air Terminal. After a series of recent FBO mergers and buyouts we are left with Signature and Ross Aviation whose current prices are: Ross avgas $7.01, $7.25 jet; Signature $6.20 avgas, $7.11 jet. I am being driven of the airport with my piston twin at these prices which are from $2.50 to $3.00 above all nearby airports. My attempts to offer to buy 1000 gallons with an upfront cash payment $5,000 have been declined by Ross Aviation. I am convinced there is a plan to drive off all piston powered aircraft from the airport. The City of Fresno Airports Dept seems oblivious and unconcerned about anything but airlines. The end is near for non jet GA at KFAT. A previously popular mid state fuel stop for decades is being overflown by most GA owners these days. The word is getting out about the most outrageous fuel prices in the West. Good Bye GA in Fresno, its finally happened.

  41. KFAT- Fresno Air Terminal- Ross Aviation $7.01 avgas, $7.25 jet; Signature $6.20 avgas, $7.11 jet. I am being driven off my airport after decades of use . Good Bye GA in Fresno.

  42. It is undeniable that FBOs price gouge buyers primarily when they have the monopoly on the airfield. Ones I know of specifically are: SCK, RNO (even raises rates again during Reno Air Race week), PSP, LAS, DRO, PRC, SJC, OAK, PHX, & MRY. Now if you go to CMA, there are four fuel providers on the airfield…you get competitive prices that are low…like it works in theory.

    But I’ve also seen maintenance folks do the same…when they’re the only name on the field, their hourly rates are higher than average. But this is nowhere near as bad as the fuel price gouging that FBOs do to buyers.

  43. Loud applause and a tip of the hat to Kenmore Aero Services at Boeing Field, Seattle (BFI). About a year ago they began offering 100LL at ~$5.00, $1-2 below the two other on-field options (Signature, Clay Lacy). In Washington State’s high avgas setting, Kenmore is competitive (+/- $.20) with avgas prices at almost all small GA airports within 50 NM. Gone are my innumerable side trips and deviations for fuel at other airports. Thanks to Kenmore for their support of small GA high costco urban area, and a middle finger to Signature and Clay Lacy.

  44. They need to check out the outrageous price Humboldt county charges the general aviation community here in northen California.

  45. Most of the municipal airports take financial advantages from states and federal government (mostly from taxes paid on fuel) …..in exchange those municipal airports should mandate or offer free transient parking and affordable self serve…..AOPA wake up and be proactive toward municipalities….counties and FAA….so more pilots can afford to fly!

  46. If AOPA and EAA do not do anything to fight the prices and the greed ,like in Europe, the population of pilots will decrease dramatically to the point where AOPA and EAA will not survive.
    ……it is the reason that AOPA try to attract the drones’ pilots

  47. KBOI is an example of a fairly high traffic Class Charlie airfield that serves airlines, military, Forest Service, and lots of GA (private turbine and piston, air ambulance, flight school, backcountry charter, etc.).

    It works because there is parking space for GA and self serve fuel. If you want the FBO full service experience, you can pay nearly $6 per gallon for 100LL plus fees. If you want to pump your own gas and park yourself, it’s $4.15 per gallon. A big part of the reason it works is because the city has historically supported broad mixed use aviation. They know that that airport has huge economic impact generated by ALL aviation sectors and they support all of them.

  48. Whenever the poliricians vote on my airport they cry like babies it cost too much. To them it’s something they never use and their friends can’t make moneyfrom it. Now if it have money making festivals and concerts they would be all in. When the city forced the FBO out of business the gas prices were rediculous and still are. Now no rentals, FBO or mechanic. If they could they would close the airport and sell it to a condo developer.

  49. we stop on trips at a small GA friendly airport in central PA,
    they are always better priced than any local airports
    It is N79 Northumberland County as of yesterday $3.98 LL

  50. EYW – Key West is another (Signature….)

    As usual, the excuse is transportation costs however, prior to being bought out by Signature, the long time FBO owners were charging relatively reasonable rates and still making a profite.

    Also, just a few years ago while working for a local organization on the island that purchased fuel in similar quantities I had intimate knowledge of delivery costs and port fuel prices and the fees were marginal; they are spiking the prices and I wouldn’t be surprised if our field is making over $2 / gallon profit, and likely much more as we have seen almost $7.00 / gallon at times. Currently at $6.71…. AOPA needs to use their weight to initiate some changes.

  51. A city of Austin aviation meeting a few years ago tried to find out what the problem with the new Austin Bergstrom was. It was suggested a location for GA aircraft to have a secure section for pilots to tie down their A/C when they travel commercially or had business in the area. Apparently Austin doesn’t care for GA either. Between the city and the two FBOs, General Aviation is just a wart on their ass.

  52. A friend of mine tells me that they purchase their fuel, at their private airport, from a local distributor for $3.25 per gallon. And they only purchase 1,500 gallons at a time. Imagine what large national FBOs, like Signature, pay for their fuel. Luckily, we have several local airports that value GA customers and have kept the price of fuel low.

  53. For the most part FBO’s price their fuel based on overhead. The fancier the facilities the more you pay. In addition there are behind the scenes costs many of you have not considered. The big payoffs at gov funded airports where everything has its hidden costs. Don’t think for a minute that to get the monopolies at these publicly funded airports that there are not payoffs, kickbacks, captive vendors, and friendly favors rewarded by these big names! We all voted these premadonas into office and look who’s paying!
    You guys complaining about a $20 overnight parking fee need to remember what you paid for parking your car at a major airport. Those that don’t pay, don’t complain or file a claim after your plane is damaged by unknown drivers with access to the unsecured ramp or blown over because you failed to tie your plane down properly or didn’t tie it down at all!
    When was the last time any of you drove into a service station, had your car filled up, windshield cleaned, tires aired, oil checked? If you ARE getting this now, then don’t complain! Be thankful for the care and attention you are getting and be glad someone is supporting your safe flight and GA!
    Look around! There are great privately owned public use airports out there with unbelievable service. Try one next time you fly and support the “grass roots of aviation.”

  54. Put KVNY on the list, not just for fuel prices, but fees for everything else. Believe it is Signature running the show.

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