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If It Works For Morgan Freeman…


In case you don’t know about Able Flight, here’s a link to the organization’s website, and another to its donation page.

Morgan Freeman at his Ground Zero Jazz Club, with guests (L-R) Danielle and Carrie Rydzik and Carrie's mom Martha Krejci.

This wonderful endeavor helps paralyzed and otherwise physically challenged people, both civilian and war-wounded, to achieve their dreams of flight by taking them through a complete Sport Pilot training  course.

Able Flight uses specially-outfitted Sky Arrows and other LSA to make it possible.  Charles Stites is the big hearted, hard working guy who keeps it all moving along, and every dollar, every single dollar, is well spent and deeply appreciated.

I’ve donated to Able Flight in the past and if you can send them even $5 to help this great program along, please consider it today, since it’s Giving Tuesday, which I suppose is the good sibling version of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As I’ve written more than once, every time I talk with Charles and meet one of these wonderful, dedicated students and graduates, and their instructors, at an air show, it lifts my heart skyward.  We all get so busy in our lives, and there are so many causes.  It’s easy to overlook most of them.  Here’s one that changes lives for the better.

The latest news from Charles:

“We had a woman in Georgia pass her check ride a week ago making it nine this year. Going for ten or more in 2013!”

Charles Stites and Morgan Freeman at the actor's Ground Zero Jazz Club fund raiser which netted $30,000 for Able Flight.

I also met several of the instructors last Oshkosh, when I flew the Pipistrel Alpha (they’ll be using it as well in the program) who work out of the program’s hub at Purdue University.  A more upstanding, squared-away bunch of young people you could not hope to meet.


It’s not often you get the chance to know your charitable considerations are so warmly and productively received.  Here’s your chance to kick off the season’s good cheer in a timely manner.


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