iFly 720 GPS Raises the GPS bar

I just wrote up a piece for the Tech Talk Dept. of Plane & Pilot on the iFly 720 GPS, a really amazing, super-affordable, Air Gizmo-dockable unit that's got more features than Carter had pills (that's a reference for older readers).

Here's my lead from that article, out in the next issue :

"If you could buy a sunlight-readable, multi-featured, portable moving-map GPS for VFR and IFR flight, with an excellent automobile GPS, that also played your music, audio and video files and connected to the internet via WiFi, would you think $749 was a good price for that unit?
Two years ago I stumbled across a new avionics company: Adventure Pilot. Headed up by two super-bright, hard-working guys – Walter Boyd and Shane Woodson – their first effort was a feature-rich, Everyman’s “supplemental” (not FAA-certified) navigational GPS, the iFly 700. It was a runaway success at $500 (comprehensive annual subscription package: $69. With full IFR: $109)."

Price tag is $750.  For those with small-panel LSA, or ultralights with limited mounting turf, this is worth checking out.

You can wait to read the article, or check out the video here.  It's an amazing unit.  I bought the 700 unit and loved it.  I've upgraded to the 720 and really love it.  The car GPS alone is great.

One thought on “iFly 720 GPS Raises the GPS bar

  1. What an excellent piece of equipment. I’ve owned iFly 700 and upgraded to The iFly 720.
    What a pleasure to use. Its simple and intuitive and I wouldn’t leave home without it.
    I have called tech support on occasion and it is equally outstanding. I recommend it and am looking forward to the 7.5 upgrade
    Herb Goodman

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