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Slammed By Hurricane Delta, This Louisiana EAA Chapter Seeks Donations

We don’t often share fundraising efforts, but this one is really worthy.

When Hurricane Delta roared ashore in Louisiana earlier this month, the Pineville Airport was in its crosshairs. As we’ve reported, Delta was a relatively slow-moving and very wet hurricane. Pineville has suffered because of it.

Over a course of 24 hours, the area received 20 inches of rain compared to its historic maximum 24-hour rainfall of eight inches. It’s subject to flooding because it sits on the shore of Lake Buhlow, Pineville, which has a charted water runway in addition to its paved runway. Builders’ efforts to safeguard the structures from flooding were no match for the sheer power of Delta.

The result was airport-wide flooding. The local EAA Chapter 614 was inundated with as much as four feet of standing water at the chapter’s clubhouse. This caused utter devastation with the facility’s infrastructure. The pancake breakfast-ready kitchen to restrooms, air-conditioners and water heaters were all total losses.

The chapter calls itself the most active in Louisiana, and there’s little doubt of its efforts. This is both in supporting local builders and restoration efforts, but also in reaching out to the community to share the joys of aviation with non-pilots around the region.

The chapter’s GoFundMe goal is an ambitious $100,000, of which it has now raised just $1,820. Anything will help. If enough folks make the effort, big things can happen with small donations.


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