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Video: A Really Scary Close Call Between Plane And Car


This scary close call between a plane and a car is unnerving. Why is the plane flying so low? It looks to pass by no more than a foot above the vehicle’s rooftop. 

Check it out the video—there are two real time views and then a slo-mo look at it. Then read more below. 


The question is: Is it real? Or is the plane flying by part of a separate video superimposed onto the car video. 

If it is, it’s pretty well done. The lighting is believable, and the angles seem right. It just seemed to us, number one, too close, and, two, like it was oddly convenient that the video was focused on that spot ahead. It was almost as if they knew the plane was coming or that they knew they were going to superimpose it on to the video later on in that exact spot. 

What do you think? 




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