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Video: Helicopter Refuels In Flight

If you can’t stop thinking about those blades cutting that line, we’re right there with you. And there’s another vid that shows, well not that, but a near disaster. Phew!


If you never really thought about helicopters refueling in fight, or if it sounded easy to you, then check out this video of how it’s meant to be done. The helicopter is a United States Air Force Pave Hawk, a sophisticated search-and-rescue variant of the UH-60 Blackhawk. The refueling target is about the size of a tea saucer, and it’s a little bumpy, too. So yeah, this pilot has got serious chops! (Hehe.) And when you get done with this, check out what happens when things go really bad, though not as bad as they might have. It’s terrifying, but it looks as though everybody lived to tell the tale.


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