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Video: Slot…Planes???

Here’s a long and mesmerizing look at what is being billed as the world’s largest model plane airport, complete with planes that… take off?

Plane Spotting
Photo via Ships You Should Know – 100% Pure Maritime World on Youtube

What is being billed as the world’s largest model airport—we’re not about to disagree—is on full display in a new-ish (geologically speaking anyways) video that reputes to offer 20 minutes of plane spotting; that it does! We were skeptical too, that is until we started watching.

And yes, like you will be, we were fascinated by the mechanics of the thing—the planes run on tracks, like slot cars. With that in mind, when we saw the plane line up at the end of the runway for what we assumed would be a “takeoff?” we were more than a little curious about how the heck they’d pull that off. But they did, in a hilarious and ingenious way.

Thumbs way up on this totally whimsical aviation nut’s big airport.


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