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Role Models, Truth And Flying Real Airplanes In the Real World

Is it the role of aviation communicators to broadly condemn any kind of flying that might be hazardous?

Role Models - Steep Hillside Landing

Apart from my instructor, a guy named Si Campbell, whom I’ve written about before, my aviation role models were Bob Hoover, whom I met when I was about halfway through my primary flight training; Neil Armstrong, who took a stroll on the Moon when I was 10 and Betty Skelton, an amazing pilot I unfortunately never got to see fly in person, though I was lucky enough to meet her in later life.

These were all people who were amazing pilots and did things in airplanes that mere mortals like me could only dream of doing. Not that I ever intended to roll like Bob or wring it out like Betty, let alone risk it all like Commander Armstrong. But I was inspired by them, nonetheless.

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