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Going Direct: The FAA’s Abuse Of ADS-B Has Struck A Nerve

Practices that many see as abuses by the agency of the ADS-B data stream are just more examples of unfair treatment of pilots by the FAA.

FAA's use of ADS-B

As you probably know, one of the biggest trends in automobile insurance is driver monitoring. The deal goes like this. For a discount on your premiums, you let the insurance company put a monitor in your vehicle. Methods vary from provider to provider, but they keep an eye on whether you’re obeying posted speed limits, and they watch out for other driving behaviors, like accelerating hard or stopping hard, that are perfectly legal and, in many cases, the only way to be safe. (No, I wouldn’t do this either.)

Now imagine that your local PD had the ability to tap into this feed, and they started giving tickets based on that data. They arrive in the mail. Oops, two mph over the limit on the interstate. That’s $150. Rolled that stop on Main? That’ll be another $150.

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