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Flight Attendants On The Firing Line. Is It Time to Stop Alcohol Sales on U.S. Flights?

Drinking and piloting a plane is illegal and stupid because it (obviously) puts everyone at risk. Recent incidents have shown that drinking for those folks in the passenger cabin might be just as bad an idea.

Flight Attendants On The Firing Line. Is It Time to Stop Alcohol Sales on U.S. Flights?

It’s often said that a person’s real self comes out after they’ve had a few drinks, and unfortunately the people revealed within are sometimes total jerks. The best advice I can give in dealing with such idiots is to avoid them. But when you’re a flight attendant, it’s your job to deal with all passengers, especially those who are causing trouble. And when there’s alcohol involved, it makes the jobs of those required crew members difficult and sometimes hazardous, as evidenced by a spate of attacks on flight attendants by passengers who object to, well, to the flight attendants doing their job.

More often than not these days, the issue is the mask. Regardless of how you feel about the science behind masks, I hope we all agree that when there’s a regulation involved and when a crewmember instructs a passenger to comply with the rule, it’s not a pick and choose situation. You do it. Not only that, but the requirement that passengers properly wear a mask on a commercial flight should come as no surprise to anyone. But what if they don’t feel like wearing a mask? Tough luck. Drive instead, or maybe walk. Both are easy solutions.

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