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Video: Guy Screws Up Landing, Flies Into Hangar

First, he’s okay! Second, you will NOT believe that he’s okay after watching it. Warning! This will freak you out.

Man flies into hangar
A screencap from a video showing a man flying into a hangar

Warning: While the student pilot flying this Cessna 172 survived the crash without major injuries, this video is alarming. It will not be suitable for some members of the family!

Video has emerged of a student pilot making what is perhaps the worst landing in history in which there wasn’t major loss of life or limb.

There has been much confusion about the details behind this video, but they have come to light.

The accident happened just a few days ago at Toronto’s Buttonville airport. According to Canadian investigators, “a Cessna 172M registered to Canadian Flyers International and being operated by a student pilot (sole occupant), was conducting circuits at the Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport (CYKZ), ON. After the aircraft touched down for landing on Runway 33, it veered to the left. The pilot applied full power in an attempt to get airborne. However, the aircraft subsequently veered to the right, exited the runway surface near Taxiway Bravo 1 (B1) and transitioned across a grass infield area, a taxiway, and then collided with a hangar located on the apron. The aircraft was destroyed and the hangar sustained substantial damage. The student pilot was taken to the hospital for assessment, but received only minor injuries.”

Thank goodness everyone was okay, and hopefully the accident resulted in a renewed understanding of the physics of flight.


Note: This story has updated the details surrounding the accident, which was incorrectly described in a previous version of the story. We apologize for the error. 

As a soon to be CFI, this terrifies me from r/flying


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