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Video: Plane Runs Out Of Avgas, Lands On Freeway, Gets Gas, Takes Off Again

The details are murky. We’re guessing the FAA is on it.

Running out of a gas in a small plane, well, any plane, is never a good idea, but in this case, the guy kind of got away with it, at least as far as nobody getting hurt and no metal getting bent. Somebody’s certificate might get a little bent, but that’s a different story. The plane landed on a freeway and somehow managed to not hit anybody—the key seems to be landing with the flow of traffic!

The takeoff here was accomplished after the police blocked off a section of freeway for the takeoff, and the guy did a good job of waiting until he was past the overpass to rotate! Check it out.

It’s been posted a couple of times but here’s the gif of it from today. Guy ran out of fuel, landed on the interstate, refueled and took off later. from r/aviation


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