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Cool Flying, Amazing Flying Video: Going Missed Approach At Tacoma Narrows

What a low missed approach looks like… and a camera that you’re probably going to want after seeing this video.

Washington State pilot Gou Suku grabbed this video of a missed approach at Tacoma Narrows airport, and the video is really amazing. Check out the panning at the end!

You’re probably wondering two things: One, how come this guy’s panning while he’s just about to re-enter the soup? Well, he wasn’t. The video was taken on a GoPro360 cam, which gets all the footage. Yeah, we want one too.

Secondly, the weather is indeed low, though let’s all agree that’s not too unusual in that neck of the woods. But why go missed when the airport environment is clearly in sight? It was practice! But it’s still a cool video and the weather was pretty low, which is how instrument currency is best maintained.

Thanks for sharing this, Gou!


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