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Plane Crashes Into Tower. A Torrent Of Bad Puns Follows.

No one was seriously hurt when the small plane smashed into and then got stuck in the tower.

When a Flight Design CTSW crashed into the tower at the Brandenburg, Germany, airport the other day, no one, amazingly, was seriously injured. The lone controller in the tower wasn’t hurt, though he was probably a bit shaken. Boom. 

Following the report of the story in online groups, the response has been to make the photo into a spontaneous caption contest. Which we will allow since no one, again amazingly, was badly injured. 


As far as how it happened is concerned, we don’t know that yet, but suffice it to say, it involved at least some directional control challenges. 

As for the captions, some of our favorites were,

  • “I should have been more clear when I said ‘Contact tower.’”
  • “Stuck it!”
  • “Tower in sight,”
  • and, “Who’s there?” 

The Flight Design was said to be totalled. The tower looks repairable.


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