F-16 Fighting Falcon For Sale. You’ll Never Guess How Much They’re Asking

The surplus military fighter jet gets poor gas mileage but cuts commute time to nothing. And the price ain’t bad, either.

F-16 Fighting Falcon For Sale
A screen grab from Aviators Market showing an F-16 Fighting Falcon for sale.

Cessna 172 or General Dynamics F-16? Skyhawk or Fighting Falcon? Let’s go with the one that does Mach 2+. It’s a real steal, too, we think, though there’s not much to compare it with.  

The airplane, a 1980 model F-16A/B, is being offered by Aviators Market, and they can get their hands on others if you think you might want more than one. And at $8.5 million, it’s cheaper than a new Embraer Phenom 300, and it’s a lot faster, too, at Mach 2.05, has a better range (2400 nm), higher ceiling (55,000 feet), and an initial rate of climb of 62,000 feet per minute, though we’re not sure if that’s best rate or best angle.

And as a single-engine jet, it’s bound to be more economical than, say, an F-15 Eagle, which has two jet engines. You won’t be able to legally bust Mach 1 speed limit, and we’re not sure what the maintenance costs would be, though we’re guessing the Skyhawk would be cheaper. And it, unlike the F-16, would never tempt you to go supersonic.

Still, it would be way more than a little fun. Think we could find, like m800 partners to go on it with us?

To buy this F-16, you can visit aviatorsmarket.com. They probably won’t mind if you just want to virtually kick the tires, like us.


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