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Hurricane Laura Slams Louisiana Coast

The storm came ashore as a Category 4 hurricane, causing extensive damage to infrastructure.

Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura stormed ashore early Thursday morning, slamming the Louisiana/Texas border and causing extensive infrastructure damage. The storm was not only powerful, with winds of 150 mph, but it also was exceptionally big, stretching 100 miles from east to west. The massive storm made landfall near Cameron, Louisiana, near the border with Texas on the Gulf Coast located a hundred miles west of New Orleans. There are reports of a great deal of infrastructure damage from high winds and heavy rain, as well as catastrophic flooding in coastal communities. At least one person has died and more than half a million residents are without power.

As is often the case, the storm has weakened after it made landfall. As of Thursday noon EST, it had been downgraded to Category 1 hurricane with torrential rain and high winds. There have been no reports of major damage to GA airports at this time, but with sustained winds of just under 100 mph reported at Lake Charles Regional Airport, fears are that hangars and the planes inside are at risk in areas hit hard by Laura’s winds. This is breaking news. We’ll keep you updated as new reports come in.

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