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David Blaine Postpones Ascension Feat, Moves It To Arizona

The illusionist was originally going to launch, literally, today, August 31st.

David Blaine Ascension Postponed

Illusionist David Blaine has postponed his Ascension stunt (or feat) for at least a day. Blaine said complicated logistics forced the move, saying that Arizona’s wind and weather patterns were more conducive to the flight.

The feat, which we reported on last week, was set to launch today from the New York area. Blaine would ascend under the lift of 52 hydrogen-filled weather balloons, climbing a rope to a perch among the balloons, where he will only then don a parachute.

Blaine discussed his desire to reach an altitude higher than Mount Everest, which would require him to traverse altitudes that normally require supplemental oxygen use. Mount Everest has been climbed around 200 times by people who did not use oxygen on the climb, the first such ascent in 1978.

Once he has achieved a suitable altitude, Blaine will freefall-parachute back to earth. It might not be a long delay. Blaine has said he hopes to launch Ascension on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The feat will be broadcast on YouTube.


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