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Ad For President Trump’s Campaign Totally Gets The Wrong Plane!

The message was clear. The art they used to drive home the point? Not so much!


In what would otherwise be an impressive ad for the President’s reelection campaign, the designers made a major flub in their choice of art. Check out the details here and see why some graphics designer might be getting an earful.

Support Our Troops Trump AdThe ad, the issues with which were first reported by, is a powerful one.  It shows what we’re led to understand are American troops backlit and marching toward the viewer while fighter jets approach head on just above them. Very cool!

Except, stock art strikes again. The image, which is from Shutterstock, shows front-line fighter jets. The problem is, experts on the shape of such planes say that these particular exotic front-line fighter jets are MiG-29s, and the soldiers, others say, are most likely Russian troops, with one of them clearly carrying an AK-47 assault rifle, which is not, at least the last we checked, standard issue for American GIs.


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