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TikTok Video: Getting Hit By Flame Retardant From A DC-10

Luckily, it wasn’t a direct hit, but this truck along the fire line got dusted something fierce.


To state the obvious, working on the front lines of a major fire has its risks, and one of those is getting hit with retardant from a firefighting plane. This truck, which looks to be a tanker of some kind, witnessed first hand the power of a big drop from a converted DC-10. The video, which was posted by HBK1966 on TikTok and subsequently cross-posted on other platforms, shows the size and power of the DC-10. Check out these other videos on Plane & Pilot to see, one, just how awe-inspiring this plane in action is and, in the other, just how much damage a drop can do if a vehicle takes a direct hit. And thanks to the heroes on the front lines!

DC-10 Firebombing run from r/aviation



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