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uAvionix Gets FAA Certification For AV-30 Low-Cost Primary Display

The round gauge fits into existing instrument holes and mounts from behind.

uAvionix AV-30
uAvionix AV-30

uAvionix, which made a name for itself in the small-plane world with a couple of affordable, easy-to-install ADS-B devices, has what could be another hit on its hands. The AV-30 EFIS is a round-gauge primary flight instrument that fits in existing instrument cutouts, and because it mounts from behind the panel, it requires less panel surgery than many other options, claims the company. While an Experimental-only version of the instrument has been available for some time, the company has just earned FAA approval for the AV-30 to be installed in hundreds of certified aircraft under an AML STC.

The AV-30 acts as a primary flight instrument, with primary attitude, direction, airspeed and vertical trend, with more features, including angle of attack and G-meter. It can be paired with a GPS/WAAS navigator to show compass rose/basic moving map displays. The unit does have some downsides that the company will address over time, it says. These include a lack of autopilot interface—it says S-TEC models will get an adapter in 2021, with others coming later. And the unit’s directional gyro processes over time, just like the old ones, so you need to set it before taxi and then update it on a regular basis.

But at a cost of $1,995, the AV-30, which continues UAvionix’ aggressive pricing strategy, is attracting a lot of attention, especially from pilots who don’t need or necessarily want the autopilot interface. For more information, including a fun display that toggles between the unit’s different modes, visit


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