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Cool or Uncool? You Made Your Thoughts Clear On Low Pass Of Aerobatic Plane

The results might not surprise you--they were pretty much as we'd expected. Still, they were far from unanimous.

Video shows a pilot make a low pass.

The video we shared in Wednesday’s eNews of a very low pass, smoke on, controls all crossed up, of an unlimited biplane in front of a row of tents at what looks to be an outdoor airshow event of some sort, has generated a lot of response. Much of which is really polarized, which we guessed it might.

So we asked for your thoughts were on the smoky fly-by. The results were unequivocal.

The single question we asked was, “What are your thoughts on the maneuver shown in the video?” To which we provided three choices, that it was “the coolest,” that it was “totally uncool,” or that it was somewhere in between (because sometimes things can be gray area, right?)

The responses were overwhelming. Sixty-six percent of respondents thought that the move was “totally uncool,” a view that we agree with, by the way.

Just 18% disagreed, saying that they thought it was “totally cool,” which we’d agree with too, if it hadn’t been for the people and structures right there.

Finally, about the same number of folks, 16%, felt that it was indeed somewhere between totally cool and uncool.

You can still weigh in if you’d like. Here’s our cool/uncool survey.

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