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This Pilot Can Fly: Watch This Cessna Land On Something Kind Of Resembling A Runway

The strip or small clearing is situated just on the other side of a high ridge. It was a perfect playing field for this pilot to show off some enviable flying skills.

A word of caution: When at first you press “play,” you’ll see the Cessna single appearing over a steep ridge in the distance. It’s supposed to be a landing video, and at first, it’s not at all clear how the plane will possibly be able to descend in time to land in the foreground, where the video is being shot and people are waiting to load cargo into the plane (and presumably to unload cargo from it first). You’ll be tempted to look to see where the runway is, but you’re looking at it. And you’ll then be tempted to scan left to see where the rest of the runway is—there isn’t any. So your questions are answered in advance. Now you can sit back and just watch an amazing pilot show off some world-class skills.


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