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Martha Lunken Survey Results Are In, And Pilots Agree Strongly About Bridges

The survey came out before news of the FAA’s ADS-B allegations against Lunken came to light. The results are nevertheless striking and a bit startling.

Flying under bridges

Your answers to our reader survey last week about the big questions surrounding the FAA’s revocation of Martha Lunken’s pilot certificates showed that pilots, at least those who answered the survey question, and that was more than 500 of you, are strongly united on what seem to some to be some thorny issues.

On the question of whether the FAA went overboard with Lunken’s discipline by revoking her certificates, about two-thirds of respondents replied that they went too far (58 percent) or shouldn’t have done anything to her (9 percent). Just less than 30 percent thought the penalty was fitting.

But how dangerous is flying under bridges in general? We asked how you felt about the statement, “Apart from the legality, stunts like flying under a bridge can be done safety under certain circumstances.” Seventy-four percent of you agreed or agreed strongly with the statement, while 26 percent strongly or somewhat disagreed.

The one question on which respondents were pretty evenly divided asked about the remote camera that caught Lunken’s bridge stunt. Forty-two percent of you thought it was “a huge invasion of privacy,” and 34 percent of you thought it was a bad idea but we kind of have to live with it. About a quarter of you thought it was a good idea to keep an eye on “scofflaws.”

The big question of the day, however, was, “Have you ever flown under a bridge?” We expected lots of you to pass on answering this one, but fewer than 10 percent declined to answer—does that mean they have and don’t want to risk Big Brother finding out? No worries there. The survey, as we noted, was completely anonymous. Just over half said that they “never have and never would’ and 34 percent said that they “never had but it sounds intriguing.” Just three respondents said that they done it and regretted it, while 30 of you said you have done it and “regret nothing.”

Thanks to all who took the survey! 

FAA Revokes Certificates Of Popular Aviation Columnist Martha Lunken


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