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ForeFlight Releases Its Latest Version, And It’s Loaded With New Stuff

The Boeing company’s latest all-in-one iOS app boasts some new features that once again raise the bar in the flight app world.

FireFlight Update
A screenshot of the updated ForeFlight dashboard.

ForeFlight’s new update—version 13.3—includes a lot of new features that users are finding useful, according to the company. The ForeFlight website also has a series of new instructional videos on how to use the features.

The 13.3 release’s Dynamic Winds and Temperature page displays forecast wind speed, direction and temperatures at multiple altitudes and times from all around the world. It shows primary forecast values at the selected altitudes and times on color-coded heat maps. Overlaid particle animations display wind direction and speed so pilots can more easily see large-scale weather patterns from the cockpit.

Another new feature is the enhanced Weather Layer Legend located above the time slider. It appears with the Radar, Enhanced Satellite, Color IR Satellite, Icing and Turbulence, and Clouds layers, as well as with the new Wind Temps and Speeds layers. It makes the graphical weather layers easier to interpret, according to ForeFlight.

If you don’t mind being a guinea pig for exploring new elements, ForeFlight Labs will ask for your impressions of new features before incorporating them into the standard program. The default mode for version 13.3 is to have the trial features disabled, but users can enable them one at a time if desired.

The Taxi Routes feature in ForeFlight 13.3 improves planning surface navigation with “an interactive and contextually-aware taxi route bubble editor.” The software has separate buttons for Clear, Undo and Redo, so pilots can quickly add, remove and rearrange route elements, listening to their clearance before taxiing. They can then follow along on the taxi route as it’s displayed on the moving map screen and/or on the airport diagram.

With the release of 13.3, ForeFlight’s Airport 3D now offers a Day/Night option and Runway Lights, the better to plan and execute night approaches.


For more information on the new release, check out the company’s video focusing on new features.


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