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Engine Out Freeway Landing As Coached In Real Time On The Radio

The instructor and student of a Cessna 172 were in trouble. Help was there, in the most amazing radio exchange we’ve ever heard.

Cessna 174 Freeway Landing

When a Cessna 172 on a training flight in South Florida last week suffered engine failure over a crowded residential area, the only good solution was the Freeway below. There was one big problem, however. The flight instructor was entirely unsure about how to proceed, and with time not on their side, calling the tower for assistance, which was the first attempt, was the wrong move. Aviate, navigate and then communicate, with that last one being last for a reason.

But enter a voice from above, a pilot in a plane flying overhead who just happened to be on frequency. He calmly talked the instructor through the process of landing on a freeway, and in so doing, he also established a tone of calm purposefulness. It’s incredible stuff. You really have got to listen to the communication.

And kudos to ABC for its good (if not perfect) coverage of the incident.


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