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F-16 Making Its Own Weather; Scrappy Draws A Huge Crowd And Babies Flying Planes

With the big storm in the rearview mirror, Oshkosh AirVenture got back to the business of making magic, and we were there for it all.

A study in angle of attack. The Lockheed P-38 Lightning (left) and North American P-51 Mustang can stay in formation with the General Dynamics F-17 Fighting Falcon only when the pilots of the piston powered fighters push the nose down.

With Wednesday night’s meteorological madness behind us, the people at OSH did what they were there to do: Fly fast planes and take it all in! And did they ever, as you’ll see as our Art Eichmann scours the show grounds and captures some amazing sights.

C-47 with Invasion Stripes by Art Eichmann

C-47 with Invasion Stripes by Art Eichmann

A C-47 with invasion stripes flies by with traffic at 12 o'clock high.


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