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A Plane Full Of Puppies, 27 of them! It’s Only the Best Video Ever.

The crew of a small plane on a mission to rescue puppies from being euthanized had no idea that the experience would change all of their lives forever. It changed ours!

When TikTok’er Cassandra Bergeron posted a video of a rescue she went on last July, nobody, not even Cassandra, had any idea how amazing her short video would wind up being. We just put it on repeat. 

According to a story on Yahoo News, Bergeron was asked by a friend, a pilot in training, to go along on a flight from Orlando, Florida, to Alabama, to rescue a big group of dogs that faced euthanasia. How, many? Well, not 101, though watching this video it might seem like that The number was actually 27. Twenty-seven happy pups in a plane. If that doesn’t make you happy!

The mission was led by Michael Young, a pilot and Orlando area professor who heads a local animal rescue flight outfit called Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights. The plane, while not specifically named, is a Columbia/Cessna Corvalis/TTX of some vintage. A pretty sweet ride for a bunch of lucky mutts!

When Young and his volunteer puppy wranglers got to Enterprise, Alabama, local volunteers had the pups mostly ready to go. After making sure all 31 souls were happy and good to go, the plane launched for the roughly 45-minute flight back to Orlando.

How did the flight go? Just look at those smiling faces, both puppy and human, and the question answers itself! And the best part without question was that every single one of those pups was not only saved from puppy oblivion but each one has now been adopted into a loving home.


We tip our hats to everyone involved in this mission of love and mercy and joy!  

@cassventuresRescue flight! All puppies have been adopted 🥰♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots


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