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Top Videos Of The Year 2021! An Incredible Lineup Of Can’t Miss Moments

From joyous moments to frantic ones, the top videos of 2021 were an expression of the wonder of what we do!

Unlike the top videos of the year 1996, which included no videos at all, 2021, despite its many challenges (see our Top Stories of the Year) produced some unforgettable video experiences. From “hard to watch” to “a joy to watch,” these clips captured the beauty, the joy, the thrill and occasionally the “uh-oh” moments of the kind of aviation we all love so much. Enjoy!

1. A Skyhawk Engine-Out Nighttime Freeway Landing…Then, Tractor Trailer Trucks

2. Skydiving Plane Loses Control, Spins, Almost Hits Skydivers

3. Student Pilot Loses Engine In Cessna 150

4. Absolutely Riveting Video of Chuck Yeager’s Loss Of Control In NF-104


5. Controversy Over Video Dale “Snort” Snodgrass

Plane & Pilot decided not to share this video due to its horrifying nature. 

6. Hog Hunt Chopper’s Engine Fails As Wild Sequence Ensues

7. What The Heck? A Low-Level Nightime Laser-Scanning Flight

8. Video Shows That Piper Cherokee Wing Spar Inspection Isn’t As Scary As We Feared


9. Two Dead In Cessna 206 Crash At Gender Reveal Party

10. Video Of Departure Stall Accident Is Hard To Watch


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