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2022 AirVenture “NOTAM”Now Live

Here are the changes in your arrival-departure procedures for this year’s OSH

2022 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh ’€œNOTAM’€

Each year, the EAA partners with the FAA in perhaps the best recurring example of civilian-government partnership to be witnessed in general aviation. In preparation for the massive event that is AirVenture, billed as the world’s largest fly-in, the EAA has released the 2022 edition of its AirVenture Notice document. This year’s fly-in takes place from July 25-31.

The notice is not officially a NOTAM, the acronym which used to stand for Notice to Airmen but now means Notice to Air Missions. It’s just an FAA Notice. Don’t ask us what the difference is. You still need to read it and know it if you’re flying in, and you can still get in trouble (and look like a jerk) for not doing so.

The Oshkosh “NOTAM” is a familiar read to pilots who have attended the event before, and some procedures have been in effect for decades, such as the core elements of the FISK arrival for VFR operations. Naturally, each year brings a few changes and updates to the procedures as the experts tweak them for safety and efficiency. Last year, for example, saw updates designed to better manage congestion encountered during peak arrival times or after severe weather delays.

This year, it is noted that the Rockford VOR and Manistee VOR have gone out of service as part of the FAA’s initiative to reduce the number of navigation beacons it maintains. Also, some changes to the IFR routings were made and, perhaps most notably, camping at the nearby Appleton airport (KATW) will no longer be allowed.


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