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Video: Action-Packed Emergency Backwoods Alaska Air Drop

When there’s a dire need, who you gonna call? Friends with planes.

In the dead of winter, the needs of those trapped by heavy snows can be great, or at least great-ish. Or at least they can feel that way… like maybe the corner store is closed or the seat heaters take forever to warm up. In any case, in times like those, it’s good to have a friend with an airplane… and a sweet tooth.

Plane & Pilot photography contributor Patty Villareal Smith posted these videos and photos on a Facebook group page dedicated to outback flying. Our approval was immediate and heartfelt. And we’ll cut to the chase: In this case, the plane, a pretty Cessna 185, wasn’t delivering medicine, bear spray or a bundle of PA-18 wing ribs but, rather, something much sweeter—ice cream. And it wasn’t just any ice cream; it was Alaska’s own Denali Moose Tracks, the original flavor, of course, which is vanilla with peanut butter cups and Moose Tracks fudge. Yes, please.

Okay, what does someone in wintertime Alaska need with ice cream? Duh. If you have to ask, we pity you. Ice cream knows no seasons, especially Moose Tracks.

It might not save lives technically, but when you put out the word for help and help arrives, things don’t literally get any warmer, but life immediately gets at least a little sweeter.


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