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Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punches Fellow Passenger

The JetBlue flight was certainly one to remember, for everyone but that guy.

Former heavyweight boxing champion of the world Mike Tyson, who let’s face it, still looks like he could climb into the ring, punched a fellow passenger on a JetBlue plane earlier this week. But it’s not a case of Iron Mike getting vilified for it; on the contrary, he’s being celebrated for it. The encounter took place before the plane left San Francisco International.

We’re not big fans of violence on domestic airline flights, to put it mildly, but when the fellow passenger continually, according to news reports, harassed Tyson, and at one point even threw a water bottle at the former champ, well, we get how he might have gotten upset. In the process of going after the passenger, who was seated immediately behind him, Tyson broke a Plexiglas barrier and pretty much pummeled the guy. Another passenger in the video can be heard very calmly imploring Tyson to stop, which he eventually did. The “victim” in this case reportedly has a long rap sheet and is well known to police, who certainly won’t go on record saying the guy deserved it, but we know.

In any case, don’t try this at home, and be kind to Mike Tyson if you run into him, though we’re guessing we don’t really need to tell you that. Everybody deserves a little peace and quiet.

The police naturally are involved at this point, too, having, according to TMZ, detained two people involved in the incident, including the unnamed passenger, who TMZ said had contacted the police over the incident.


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