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Some Pilot Rolls A Cirrus Full of People

The footage captures a Cirrus SR22 Turbo being rolled with four aboard on two occasions, once at night

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On the list of things pilots probably don’t want recorded and put on social media, right after buzzing the FAA Administrator’s house, would be rolling a Cirrus full of people at night—but that’s what this video appears to show.

There are actually two rolls shown, one during daytime and the other at night. The dark night clip appears to have been shot over a heavily populated area, too.

If the video is for real, and it appears to be, then there also seems to be clear violations of the FAA regulations. For starters, the Cirrus SR22 in the video is a four-seat, Normal Category airplane. It is not approved for any aerobatics. On top of that, even if it were approved for such, there are rules laying out the requirements for performing such aerobatic maneuvers. In general, they need to be done outside of any controlled airspace, and the occupants must be wearing parachutes in most instances.

We did a little digging, and the video seems to have been recorded and posted by Instagram user @lisa_herrera_usa on New Year’s Day in 2019, so it is a few years old by now. The daytime video gives a clear view of the pilot, though he is not named, and there’s no visible N-number. In a different Instagram post by the same user, the plane is shown to be an SR22T GTS, and in her profile, @lisa_hererra_usa says she’s from Utah.


In the wake of what appears to be stepped-up enforcement by the FAA of violations captured on video, such as the Trent Palmer case, pilots should exercise caution and remember that sometimes it’s the passengers recording the highlights. 


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