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Video: Arizona Cessna Crash into Canal Was A Lot Scarier Than You Might Think

Why the forced landing, from which the pilot walked away, was a prayer answered

The news that a small plane had crashed into the water in an irrigation canal in Arizona sounded like great flying. Before seeing the video, we imagined the pilot lined up with the canal, like a long, smooth water runway before them, and set it down sweetly in the water. After watching the video, captured by a nearby security cam, it was anything but that!

The crash itself is only visible at the last moment at the very top of the field of view, and it shows the Cessna Cardinal RG approaching the narrow canal, which is surrounded by obstacles and structures, including the RV storage yard where the security cam was located, and hitting the water nose first. The pilot reportedly suffered only minor injuries and was able to extricate himself and get to dry ground. The plane was removed from the canal the next day.


The plane was on approach to Falcon Field outside of Phoenix when the engine reportedly lost power and the pilot was forced to put it down where he could.

From our perspective, it is remarkable not only that the pilot suffered only minor injuries, but that he survived at all. Another 20 shorter or longer, and the plane would have impacted a far less forgiving deceleration. Watch the video. You’ll see what we mean.



ICYMI: Here’s a stunning video of a non-Cirrus coming down under a chute. 


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