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Sentry Plus ADS-B (And Much More) Debuts

The multifunction portable ADS-B receiver is already generating buzz.

Sentry Plus ADS-B

The latest ADS-B receiver for Foreflight, Sentry Plus, has just been released, and its feature set is bigger and better than ever. Created by uAvionix expressly for use with ForeFlight on the iPad, the Sentry Plus is a portable, multifunction ADS-B receiver that allows the pilot to see ADS-B equipped traffic as displayed in Foreflight.

The “multi-function” part? The Sentry Plus is also a carbon monoxide detector, a Wi-Fi router, a multi-constellation global positioning receiver, and an inflight track logger. It also has built-in AHRS, which supports synthetic vision emergency attitude on the iPad and a display of G-forces—yes, it’s a G-meter, too.

While the Sentry Plus is designed to integrate with your iPad, the built-in display will provide real-time system status, as well as Carbon Monoxide conditions, with dangerous CO levels annunciated on the display. Additionally, the integrated flight data recorder with G meter, like what is found in many aerobatic airplanes, will keep you appraised of G Loads as they happen. And with its up to 18-hour battery life, the Plus is a tempting step-up product for current Stratus owners or those just getting into the ADS-B world.

Just its global positioning receiver might be reason enough for some to step up. The multi-constellation receiver is virtually jam-proof, according to the manufacturer, offering accuracy to within 1 meter. For backup purposes, if the US GPS is jammed, the built-in receiver will switch to the European Galileo satellite constellation without manual intervention.


The Sentry Plus, which goes for $799, is available at Sporty’s Pilot Shop.


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