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For the third year in a row I am preparing to leave St. Augustine for California to fly OV-10's for Cal Fire as an Air Attack Pilot.  It's interesting having a real "job" and I'm very proud of it!  I do have to pack like I'm heading for a summer cottage in main, although I'm not. I have to pack things like Flight Suits and my flight bag, which I don't leave in California just in case I get called early to fly, and there is spring training which I completed a few weeks ago, so that stuff has to remain with me.  I have a motorhome in California which is well stocked so I don't have a lot of supplies to bring.  This year I'm going to fly the Bonanza and pick up my friend Debbie Gary - airshow pilot, writer, yoga friend! - in Houston and we're going to stop and visit a couple of friends in West Texas, Tucson, Santa Cruz, then go to Santa Rosa and visit and pick up the motorhome and start heading to Chico where I'll be based this summer.  My biggest ever stress factor is my darling little dogs.  The bases don't allow dogs anymore - woe is me - and if I stay in my motorhome I cannot leave them there all day, so am looking at options - whether to leave them home (I can't bear to think about it, even though I have a wonderful pet sitter) or find a nice home to live in where they love pets and have a fenced in yard.  The second is the better option and I have the word out that I'm looking.  Or, I could just rent something but still need someone to look after them during the day.  Of course Buddha will go with me, as always… has travel cage, will travel.

3 thoughts on “On The Move

  1. I can understand your dilemma. I would never be able to travel extensively because of my precious pooches. I hope you can find a solution that works well for all of you. Thank you, on behalf of myself and all other Californians for your dedication and skill, Patty. You’ve saved countless lives, of this I’m positive (and thankful)! And from a Chico State Alum, I’m sure you’ll love the area.

  2. Hello from Chico where I’m getting settled in before fire season officially starts on June 16. Chico is a great little town nestled up against the foothills. There are so many beautiful California trees here and it’s a great town for biking around. The nicest surprise is how friendly and nice the people at the airport are. I have a great hangar for the Bonanza and for the Extra when it gets out here. I miss it! My ferry pilot should have it out here this weekend so I can practice.

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