Live From Sun ‘n Fun 2013

It’s the third day at Sun ‘n Fun.  Breezy, hottish (high 80s), humid: in other words, classic Florida Spring weather. The attendance seems steady if not overwhelming.  I’ve been hanging out a lot in the new Paradise City Light Sport/Ultralight area and grass landing strip in the southeast corner of Lakeland Linder Airport, and enthusiastically more »

Wrangling An Air2Air Photo Shoot

  My flyin’ pal, industry leader and co-blogger Dan Johnson suggested recently that I throw some tips your way about how I put together and do air2air photography.  Since I’ve done around 600 in my 30 year career, it’s not a topic I have to research, always good news.  So for those of you interested in more »

Sebring Expo Day One

Sebring is off and running!  The day in pix and captions…