A Wright Flyer Model, Instrument Coasters, And More Gear For Pilots


In each issue of Plane & Pilot magazine, we share a handful of gear for pilots that we feel pilots and aviation enthusiasts would love to have.

The round-up in our June 2020 issue includes a Wright Flyer Mahogany Model, Trintec Aviation instrument coasters, and more items for pilots! Click through the gallery below to view all of the items.

Ankle Solar Charger

Ankle Solar Charger

Ankle Solar Charger

For pilots exploring the outdoors, this 21W solar charger is a great way to utilize Mother Nature to keep your devices powered up. The product is comprised of polyester canvas containing PET polymer-faced solar panels that are up to 23.5% efficient. The charger delivers power through dual USB ports that can be used to charge two devices simultaneously.

The charger’s foldable design makes it easy to take on the go, and it contains four eye-holes that can be used to connect it to a backpack or other surface. The product, priced at $75.99, comes with a USB cable and Ankle’s 18-month warranty.

Learn more at Amazon.com.

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