Gear: FlyGirl Pajamas, Fisher Space Pen, Superstrata 3D-Printed E-Bike And More

A round-up of recent gear from our March Issue for aviation enthusiasts.

FlyGirl Pajamas

This pajama set from flyGIRL is a great go-to for lounging around after a long day of flying. Made of a cotton/ polyester blend, the set features a royal blue V-neck
shirt with the flyGirl logo and a pair of drawstring shorts covered with swirling airplanes. The set, priced at $39.95, is available in sizes XS-XL.

On top of providing great flying attire, flyGirl strives to help more women realize their aviation goals. A portion of every flyGirl purchase goes to the organization's scholarship fund, which awards several thousand dollars each year to help a woman pursue pilot training.

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Fisher Space Pen

If you're trying to jot down frequencies or other important info while in the cockpit, you need a writing tool you can rely on. That's where the Fisher Space Pen comes in. This pen will write from any angle, in any condition. Made out of steel and brass, the pen utilizes a sealed, pressurized ink cartridge, which enables the ink to keep flowing even in zero gravity. The pen was used during the Apollo 7 mission in 1968 and has continued to be a mainstay for astronauts ever since.

The pen is priced at $62 and can be engraved if desired.

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Superstrata 3D-Printed E-Bike

Silicon-based Superstrata is offering a 3D-printed, all-carbon-fiber e-bike that is custom-made to each individual's dimensions. The first-of-its-kind product forgoes glue and bolts that connect the various components of other bikes and instead provides users with a single continuous carbon fiber body that is both super strong and ultra-light.

Each bike is custom-built to fit a rider's height, weight, and arm and leg length. Buyers have a number of different variants to choose from, including a gravel variant, a touring bike, a street bike and one made for racing. The bike features a number of electronic upgrade options as well, thanks to the power wiring throughout the frame. In terms of range, the e-bike can travel over 50 miles on a single charge, and it takes two hours to recharge fully. The bike's power-assist modes allow for speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

The e-bike comes with a price tag of $3,999. The company is also offering a conventional bike for more than $1,000 less. Both versions are available in black or white.

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Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Flashlight

Every pilot should have a flashlight in their gear bag, and this flashlight from Flight Outfitters makes a compelling argument among a crowded field of competitors. Recharged through a USB port, the Bush Pilot Flashlight eliminates the hassle of AA batteries. The USB port on the flashlight can also be used to recharge your phone if you find yourself in a pickle and low on power.

The flashlight has five light modes, including high, medium, low, strobe and stealth light, making it just as capable in an emergency as it is during moments when you need a little light but don't want to blind your passengers. On its highest settings, it emits 1,000 lumens and will operate for 2.5 hours. At its lowest, it will keep on keeping on for 120 hours. The settings are selected using a smart dial, so you don't have to cycle through other settings to get to the one you want.

The product is waterproof and contains a magnetic base that makes it easy to mount for quick transport. The flashlight is priced at $89.95.

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Motion Sickness Bags

Anyone who's suffered from motion sickness,
or traveled with someone who has, knows how unpleasant getting sick mid-flight can be. These motion sickness bags, dubbed the Better Barf Bags, aim to reduce the discomfort by replacing paper or garbage bags with something custom-made for the occasion. These dark-colored bags help mask the contents, while a secure opening that closes with a zipper makes sure nothing leaks out. The bag also features a gusseted bottom, so that it will stand upright when placed out of sight on the floor.

Each package, priced at $6.50, comes with eight bags.

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