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Going Direct: Why Did Mooney Fail? It’s Simple! (Not)

Mooney M20M
A Mooney M20M. Photo by Christoph Feldhaus/Flickr

When Mooney announced that it had shut down its factory in Kerrville, Texas, and furloughed more than 200 workers, that is, more than two-thirds of its workforce, it was both strange and unexpected. First, the news had actually come out the week before in the Kerrville Daily Times, the local Hill Country paper that has been covering all things Mooney for ages. Mooney moved to the town in 1953, the Kerrville Daily Times, in 1908. So the paper has seen Mooney come and go, and come back again, and then fold up, only to return a few years later, and so on. By our count, the company has changed hands 11 times in its 65 or so years in Texas, which is one change of ownership about every 6 years. This time around it’s been exactly six years since the oddly named Soaring America Corporation purchased Mooney’s assets. Someone else will buy the company before long. In the meantime, it’s bad for the employees who are out of a job. It’s too easy, as a pilot and aviation journalist writing about the flying side of GA, to forget that these businesses employ real people who are now out of a job, very likely for a while.

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