2 thoughts on “Accidental Thoughts

  1. Well stated Rich! I have several close friends working for the tour company that owns the accident helicopter and they are very close to the pilot. None of them are speculating and supporting the investigation. Yes these things take time, its the only way to get to the cause.
    Fred Bedard
    New England Helicopter Council

  2. Well said. The only person I relay my thoughts to when a tragedy occurs is my wife. The NTSB isn’t perfect, but they manage to reveal facts that most of us would miss. My late Father-in-law was an air carrier inspector(district office manager) and relayed to me the mechanical aspects of the crashes–never the human error factor. He had flown for many years and hours and was a world of great information–which keeps me from blabbing about what I think in these circumstances. I am former ATC and am familiar with accident investigation.

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