Crazy (And Not So Crazy) Automaker Forays Into Aviation Ford Flivver
The history of car makers who dabbled in aviation is super long and more than a little weird. more »
Piper M600 SLS: The First Production Plane That Lands Itself Piper M600 SLS
Equipped with the Garmin Autonomi System, this PA-46 will do what no plane before it has done, and aviation will never be the same. more »
This Incredible Plane: BD-10 Homebuilt Jet BD-10 Homebuilt Jet
The sleek homebuilt jet would be the first supersonic homebuilt, or so claimed its designer. Its legacy was something very different. more »

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    How To Use Your Plane’s Brakes Plane's brakes
    Every pilot thinks they know how to brake. Not many of them are right. more »
    Nine Tips And Tricks For Staying IFR Proficient IFR Proficient
    How to have fun and make friends while keeping more than legal. more »
    This Pilot Almost Missed The Real Training Real Training
    A funny thing happened on the way to this pilot's instrument rating. Reality. more »

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    Breaking News: Garmin GI 275. You Will Not Believe What This Little Round Gauge Can Do! Garmin GI 275
    The GI 275 is four instruments in one. And each one of them is a miniature marvel. more »
    Iran Air Disaster Looks To Be Missile Strike Ukraine International Boeing 7373-800
    The Ukrainian 737-800 went down shortly after takeoff from Tehran, killing all 176 aboard. more »
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    The 2019 High Sierra Fly-In Explodes Antonov An-2 at the 2019 High Sierra Fly-In
    The 10th edition of the annual backcountry hangout was bigger than ever. Some were concerned that sheer size would ruin the spirit of the event. They couldn’t have been more wrong. more »
    Inside The 2019 Valdez Fly-In And STOL Contest Scott Sexton at the Valdez Fly-In
    The annual bush plane bonanza might be cozy, but it’s way larger than life, like everything else in Alaska. more »
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