This Incredible Plane: Scaled Composites Proteus Scaled Composites Proteus
Designed by Burt Rutan back in the 1990s, the big composite bug of a plane is still busy. more »
Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) Approval Is Not Enough Stills from NASA showing the accretion of ice on the landing edge of a plane wing.
Even with certified ice protection, there is plenty of risk for light planes in real icing conditions. more »
Why Bother With Retractable Gear? Retractable Gear
Tucking the gear costs weight and money, not to mention the risk of gear-up landings. So why are so many pilots still infatuated with them? more »

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    In Praise Of Analog Gauges Analog Gauges
    Why student pilots should start with round dials, not glass cockpits. more »
    How To Use Your Plane’s Brakes Plane's brakes
    Every pilot thinks they know how to brake. Not many of them are right. more »
    Nine Tips And Tricks For Staying IFR Proficient IFR Proficient
    How to have fun and make friends while keeping more than legal. more »

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    New DOT Rules Would Guide Airlines As They Seek To Stem Losses New DOT rules
    Making sense of the complicated new DOT rules that will regulate where airlines provide flights if they start sharing passengers, which many expect to happen soon. more »
    Piper Aircraft Stepping Up To Help With Coronavirus Emergency Piper Aircraft
    The company is pivoting expertly to apply its core capabilities to assisting the community. more »
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    The 2019 High Sierra Fly-In Explodes Antonov An-2 at the 2019 High Sierra Fly-In
    The 10th edition of the annual backcountry hangout was bigger than ever. Some were concerned that sheer size would ruin the spirit of the event. They couldn’t have been more wrong. more »
    Inside The 2019 Valdez Fly-In And STOL Contest Scott Sexton at the Valdez Fly-In
    The annual bush plane bonanza might be cozy, but it’s way larger than life, like everything else in Alaska. more »
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