Electric Beaver Flies! Electric Beaver
The first flight is exciting, but let’s not get carried away (which is an apt metaphor for this plane). more »
This Incredible Plane: Edgley Optica Edgley Optica
This weird mash-up of plane and helicopter looks positively futuristic, just like it did 45 years ago! more »
Otto Aviation’s Mysterious Celera 500 Has Flown Celera 500 from Otto Aviation
Numerous spy sites are claiming that the Celera 500 has taken to the air. And just wait until you hear about its capabilities! more »

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    Nine Tips And Tricks For Staying IFR Proficient IFR Proficient
    How to have fun and make friends while keeping more than legal. more »
    This Pilot Almost Missed The Real Training Real Training
    A funny thing happened on the way to this pilot's instrument rating. Reality. more »

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    Engine Explosion Cause Found: NTSB Final Report On Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 Inlet damage on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380
    It wasn’t what investigators thought. The safety board publishes the final word on the uncontained engine failure that caused the death of a passenger. more »
    Not A Typo: Kids Can Do Oshkosh For Free! Kids at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
    Guess who’s footing the bill for this unprecedented perk? more »
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    Inside The 2019 Valdez Fly-In And STOL Contest Scott Sexton at the Valdez Fly-In
    The annual bush plane bonanza might be cozy, but it’s way larger than life, like everything else in Alaska. more »
    2019 High Sierra Fly-In A Huge Success 2019 High Sierra Fly-In
    The most remarkable grassroots get-together movement since Hales Corners is growing. Can it stay cool while getting larger than life? more »
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