The Vulcanair Is The Not So ‘New’ Kid In Town
The Vulcanair V1.0 isn’t a very familiar plane to most pilots. Vulcanair and Ameravia plan to change that. more »
We Fly The Cirrus Vision Jet Generation 2
A couple of big improvements make the latest single-engine jet from Cirrus a whole new experience. more »
The Angel Mechanics At Sun ‘n Fun
Volunteer mechanics aid aviators in distress. more »

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    Why Deferred Maintenance Could Cost You Big Bucks
    While it feels as though it’s saving money by putting off the repair or fixing it little by little, in the long run, in most cases it drives up the cost. more »
    Adding A Helicopter Rating: The Good And Bad Of Airplane Muscle Memory Robinson R22
    An airplane rating would make learning this machine a breeze. Or so it seemed on the first date more »
    Automation In Aircraft Can Kill, When It’s Not Saving Your Life, That Is
    There are life-saving lessons for us light airplane flyers from the recent crash of a Boeing 737 Max. What they are and why we need to learn them, now. more »

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    Game Of Thrones Returns, And It’s All About Flying!
    One of the key elements of this mega-monster HBO hit is that it’s got dragons, and they fly, and people ride them! more »
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    High Sierra Fly-In 2018 High Sierra Fly-In 2018
    The coolest fly-in in the world keeps getting bigger without losing the qualities that made it great when it was new. more »
    Sebring Sport Aviation Expo Opens 2019 Sebring Sport Aviation Expo
    A morning thunderstorm slowed the start of Day One but quickly passed. more »
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