Uber Elevate 2019 Is Over, But Are Things Ever Getting Interesting UberCopter
Uber’s gathering in Washington D.C. of the movers and shakers in urban aerial mobility had some major announcements of partnerships and programs. more »
Why This Bizarre V-Shaped Plane Idea Might Just Fly V-shaped plane
The proposed model has a few highly desirable features. more »
Blimps And The Worldwide Helium Shortage Container of liquid helium
The stuff is hard to get and nearly impossible to hold on to. Can airships survive without the light stuff? more »

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    Radar Required Approaches Explained Runway 34 approach, Radar Required
    A seemingly academic exercise to figure out why radar is required on an odd approach leads to an understanding of how approaches are designed and why that can matter. more »
    Adding A Helicopter Rating: Check Ride Time Robinson Helicopter
    Part three in a special three-part series more »
    Your Guide To Staying Alive While Flying Low
    The joy of flying low is no secret, but the risks are real. Arm yourself with the tools to stay safe. more »

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    What Daher’s Quest Acquisition Means (New Products?) Quest Kodiak Series II
    The move signals a shift for the French aircraft manufacturer in some ways, not so much in others. more »
    Garmin Co-Founder Gary Burrell Flies West Gary Burrell
    The former King Radio executive had a bold vision for a new company. It succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. more »
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    Sebring Sport Aviation Expo Folds Its Tents Sebring Expo Ending
    The annual early new year’s fly-in attracted steady but unspectacular crowds. But here’s why we’ll miss it. more »
    Red Bull Pulls Plug On Its Air Races Red Bull Air Race
    News from the energy-drink race organizer sends shock waves. But why did they do it? more »
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