4 thoughts on “New Legislation Supports Women In Aviation

  1. Special rights for women and minorities have excluded men in most areas for the last 20 years. Workplace, education, medicine and many many more have all committed the sin of discrimination against mostly white middle class men. Its time to change that. The only safe change that we can make to our Constitution would be the exclusion of ALL SPECIAL RIGHTS. Make every hire or entrance to graduate degrees based on performance, not special rights.

  2. I’m so glad we’ve solved world hunger, the Middle East, North Korea, energy, etc., etc., etc., so we can try to get more women pilots. I am not against women pilots, but anyone who wants to be a pilot has to make a lot of sacrifices; one of them is family time; and women are less likely to make that sacrifice.

  3. so… the girls get scholarships , but the guys have to fight over the few that are left. I hate to be political but I call EQUAL RIGHTS!!!

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