2 thoughts on “Plane Facts: Airports

  1. You could also add the most Eastern and most Western airports:

    Most Eastern:
    EPM, Eastport Municipal, Maine 44D54.61’N 67D00.76W

    Most Western:
    (Lower 48): UIL, Quillayute Airport, outside Forks, WA 47D56’11.70″N 124D33’45.48″W

    Private: ATU, Casco Cove, Coast Guard Station Airport 52D49’57.15″N 173D10’31.99″E
    Public: ADK, Adak Airport 51d52’40.67″N 176D38’45.71″W

    Private: BKH, Barking Sands Pmrf Airport 22D1’21.99″N 158D47’6.21″W
    Public: PAK, Port Allen Airport 21D53’49.00N 159D36’11.40″W

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