Plane & Pilot and Pilot Journal Submission Guidelines

The following information should give you a general guide for preparation and submission of materials to Plane&Pilot or Pilot Journal for editorial consideration:

  1. Submit a query letter to the editor. Be sure to include as much detailed information as possible on your idea, the proposed length of the article and the type of photography that you expect to provide.
  2. All material, unless previously assigned in writing, is submitted on a speculation basis.
  3. Obtain copies of the magazine from the newsstand to study the format. Or, send a check for $3.99 and $2.50 shipping and handling for a sample copy from our office.
  4. Text must be double-spaced, typewritten and free from handwritten corrections. On a separate sheet of paper, include your suggested title, deck and byline, photo credits and social security number.
  5. Submit suggested heads, decks and captions for all photos with each story.
  6. Black & white photography material can be submitted in proof sheet form with negatives. If you wish to provide prints, we require 8x10 size with a glossy finish. Be sure that your prints and proof sheets have your name and address on the back.
  7. Color photography: Material can be submitted in the form of transparencies. Size can be 2.25x2.25, 4x5 or 35mm. Transparencies must be protected in plastic sleeves and your name should be on each slide.
  8. Use cardboard stiffeners to protect your photos and materials in shipping. We'll take every available measure to protect your work once it has arrived in our offices, but will not be responsible for its loss or damage in shipping.
  9. Payment will be made during the middle of the issue's month in which your article appeared, unless otherwise stated in writing. Rates vary depending on the value of the material as judged by the editors.
  10. The publisher buys all rights to the material as judged by the editors.