One thought on “15,000 Hours

  1. Wow! 15,000 hours I am genuinely envious. Me, I am on the way to 11,000 hours but almost all singles. About 5,000 of instructional time and the rest is charter, a couple of seasons of float time, some banner towing and some S/E commercial ferry time.
    Along the way I have flown more than 170 makes and models of aircraft, probably more if I counted the sub models of Cessna and Piper types.
    When I passed 10,000 hours my company could not have cared less. But the big banana would talk about flight and duty times, the football scores and the Friday night beer session.
    Hours in a pilots logbook are a very personal thing. Keep that logbook neat and tidy so that in years to come you can still look back and remember that students name, that flight that you get in to the destination in crap weather and that odd aircraft type that you flew.

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